Fabric Shield - Fabric Protector Spray


Fabric Shield - Fabric Protector Spray


FABRIC SHIELD fabric protector helps protect against sun fading (UV rays), spills, dust and dirt. Does not stiffen or discolor fabric. An even application protects all types of fabric. Washing or dry cleaning removes protection. Use on quilts, clothing, neckties, embroidery, cross stitch, drapes, upholstery and plush toys. Three position adjustable nozzle controls strength of application. 
Acid Free - No CFC's - Net weight 5.86 oz
Protects fabric from fading by exposure to Ultra Violet Light 
Water proofs fabric 
Shields fabric from dust particle penetration 
Protects fabric surface from oil, grease, spills, and dirt 
Will not cause fabric to deteriorate 
Extends fabric life 
Contains no silicon ­ will not attract dust or dirt 
Can be used on all fabrics 

Cleans up with soap and water 
Fabric may be dry cleaned or machine washed 

Acid Free 
Odorless and colorless after application dries 
Does not spot or discolor fabric 
Contains no fluorocarbons 

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