Floriani "A Bag For Any Tablet" Bundle


Floriani "A Bag For Any Tablet" Bundle

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The new Signature Social is based on the popular Spanish Flowers Design set in the Signature Collection, and it’s called “A Bag for Any Tablet”.  This fun project is perfect for anyone looking to outfit today’s favorite accessory, the personal tablet.  Whether it’s for your iPad, Kindle or other favorite brand of tablet, this lets you carry and protect it in decorative style!  

This bundle will include:

Spanish Flowers Design Set
CD with Project Tutorials including Video Lessons & Step by Step Printable Directions
12 spools of Floriani Polyester Thread
Floriani Home Dec Fleece Single Side Fusible (FHDF-S1)
Floriani Home Dec Fleece Double Side Fusible (FHDF-D1)
Floriani Dream Weave Ultra  (FDWU)
Floriani  No Show Nylon Mesh Fusible, White (FMFWH103)
RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape (R-EPT)
2 packs of Floriani Chrome Needles

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