Press N Bond


Press N Bond


Use this "no sew" bonding material to adhere patches, appliqués and embroideries to most fabrics without stitching!

Press N Bond

Press N Bond withstands laundering and dry cleaning and will create a permanent bond between fabric surfaces when heat is applied. NO sewing is required! Adheres to Vinyl, Polyester, Cotton, Polycotton and most other fabrics.

8 1/2" x 11" sheets (15 sheets per package) 


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To Use Press N Bond®:

Trace or print the reverse image onto the paper side of Press N Bond.

Cut the shape to size.

Fuse Press N Bond to the back of the fabric or embroidery. Use an iron temperature of at least 260® (125®) and hold pressure for at least 4 seconds.

Once cooled, peel back the release paper which will expose the fusible surface.

Position the patch/emblem or appliqué on the base material and press from the fabric side. Use the same temperature settings used in step 3 and hold the iron in place for 4 seconds in order to melt the adhesive.

*Note: All irons vary in temperature. The temperature given is a base estimate. If you find that you are not getting a good bond, increase your irons temperature until the adhesive melts. 

**All adhesives will bond more securely to fabrics that do not have sizing or starch applied to the surface. If possible remove these finishes before using Press N Bond.

**Press N Bond is not recommended for items/fabrics containing Teflon.