Water Soluble Topping


Water Soluble Topping

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Floriani Water Soluble Topping provides a smooth stitching surface for your machine. When the machine has to maneuver around loops and grooves in the fabric, it will affect your stitch quality. This product is completely water soluble and provides fantastic stability on the surface of your fabric by keeping your stitches elevated.

Use on high pile fabrics such as fleece, terry and towels. 

Use on textured fabrics such as corduroy, seer sucker, and velvet.

Use on knits and lycra/spandex.

Use to shield some fabrics from hoop burn

Once opened, keep Floriani Water Soluble Topping sealed in an airtight ziplock type bag or Tupperware type container.

Floriani's Water Soluble Topping Product Identity

FTOP10   10” x 10 yds    FTOP25   10” x 25 yds    FTOP2010  20” x 10 yds



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To use Floriani Water Soluble Topping:

Place the stabilized garment in the hoop and secure the hoop on the machine. Complete the centering and alignment of the design. Cut a piece of Floriani Topping slightly larger than the size of the design and place it on top of the fabric. Secure the Topping to the surface of the garment with scotch tape or by moistening the corners slightly and then sticking it down to the garment or the inside edges of the hoop.

Complete the embroidery. Tear away as much of the topping as possible. Remove any remnants by moistening with a damp cloth, Q-Tip or steam from an iron. 

*Tip - If your embroidery design is a satin stitch type embroidery and/or doesn't have an outline, use a wet Q-Tip to go around the edge of the design before tearing any of the Topping away. This will prevent any distortion of the stitching.