Wet N Stick Cutaway


Wet N Stick Cutaway

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Floriani Wet N Stick Cutaway

Use this needle friendly, sticky cutaway for holding stretch items in place while you embroider.  Use for fleece, chenille, sweater knit and more within the hoop for the ultimate in stability without crushing the high loft fibers. No hoop burn and no gummy needles, just well stabilized embroidery! Also ideal for non-fibrous materials that can be perforated such as vinyl, leather, pleather, suede and more.  

Available in black or white.

Floriani's Wet N Stick Cutaway Product Identity

FWSC1210 12" x 10 yds 2oz. White

FWSB1210   12" x 10 yds 2oz. Black

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To use Floriani Wet N Stick® Tear Away or Cut Away:

1. Hoop one layer of the stabilizer, adhesive side up. Be sure the product is taut within the hoop. If using Wet N Stick® with a grid, line the grid marks up with the lines on your inner hoop.

2. Apply a drop of water onto the stabilizer in each corner of the hoop as well as one in the center using a sponge, foam paint brush or envelope sealer (recommended, available at office supply stores). Remember that minimal water is required to activate the adhesive.

3. Using the tip of your finger, smooth the drops of water over the surface of the stabilizer. You will feel the adhesive become tacky almost instantly.

4. Press the garment into place and smooth out any wrinkles.

5. Embroider your design. 600 stitches per minute or less is recommended. *Tip - If the design is denser than 8,000 to 10,000 stitches or if it is a poorly digitized design (too many stitches for designs size), float one layer of Floriani Medium Tearaway under the hooped item for each additional 10,000 stitches for added support! (This applies to the cutaway version as well. Use a max stitch count of 14,000 and float the Medium Tearaway if your design goes over this amount.)

6. Once the design is complete, remove the hoop from your embroidery machine and tear or cut away the Wet N Stick® stabilizer. If the adhesive is holding on to the garment, reactivate it by applying moisture at the glue line. Once the adhesive is re-activated it will release the garment.